Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in 2135 NW 115th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33172. You can visit us, or send us an email from our contact page.

2) What countries do you sell to?

We are aimed to the European, African and APAC (Asia-Pacifico) countries. Some of the countries where we sell the most are Australia, Bahrain, Britain, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapur, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Of course, this does not mean we are unable to sell to other countries, Instead, we are always looking for new opportunities of international selling from United States of America to European, African and APAC countries.

3) What kind of products do you sell?

We are all about industrial products, of almost every kind. To name a few, we have welding and cutting equipment, accessories and consumables; industrial finishing products, welding and cutting automation products, industrial drilling and surface prep equipment, accessories and consumables, and many types of industrial tools.

4) Can you manage international freight from United States to my country?

We sure can! We have partnered with Kaizen Logistics, an international freight forwarding company that can manage your cargo from our own warehouse to your country. They have competitive rates and a smooth service. Of course, if you prefer to make your own arrangements, that would be fine.

5) Can you help me to decide what do I need to buy?

Absolutely yes! Our agents are eager to hear about your needs, in order to make recommendations about products with which you could meet your goals. For example, if you are trying to set out an industrial finishing operation, our experts can help you find out what equipment would you need and plan times to start working.

6) Do you offer a warranty for your products?

Every brand has its own warranty standards for their own products. Even, a brand could have different lengths for different product lines. For example, Miller gives a 3-year warranty in equipment but this period is shorter for other products. You are free to ask about the warranty the products you want to buy from us could have.

7) Can you give training for the use of industrial products?

When we sell some special industrial products, companies could not know how to use it. In rare cases, training could be necessary. We have expert staff in every line of products, so we could give that training. If that is the case, some fees for training would apply.

8) Can you do the system/equipment installation?

In some cases the industrial equipments we sell are ready to plug and use. But some others require certain installation and training. We have experts who can make this installations and give training to the operators who are going to use it. This kind of services can be offered only for customers who bought products from us. Some fees for installation would apply.

9) Do you sell used, refurbished or remanufactured equipment?

No. We only sell new products.

10) Do you have a Service Center?

We do not run a Service Center, but warranties are managed by each brand in several different countries.

11) Do you offer rental equipment?

No. We only have industrial products for sell.