About IFExport

Industrial Finishing Export Service was incorporated in Florida in 1997 with the goal to supply a complete set of solutions for welding, cutting, and finishing needs to different market segments in South America and the Caribbean.

The company has an interdisciplinary team, focused on continuous improvement concept to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Our customer base has been growing due to our quality of service, competitive prices and prompt delivery, in addition to the strong support received by different business partners located in target markets in the region.

Our company has distribution centers in Miami-USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Shanghai-China. From these locations we ship different products targeted to the Oil, construction, heavy fabrication, automotive and general metal industry.

In addition, the company works with a group of distributors in the region fulfilling and completing the area or markets the company doesn’t have presence on.

Local presence in four countries

United States of America




Based on a value added proposition, the distribution is complemented with skilled professional advocates or application engineers, with experience on each of our targeted market segments.

Application engineers are able to supply an array of strategies to implement process for production and efficiency improvements for the products our customers manufacture or maintain.

Industrial Finishing Export Service supplies different welding, cutting, tools & consumables that can cover from a single mobile nucleus welding machine up to a flexible robotic welding and material handling.

In addition, for the specific Oil industry, the company supplies special welding and cutting products and consumables for process related with the sub-segments of distribution (Pipeline), storage (Tanks), Refinery and Platform.

Main areas of business